Are you a Moray based Designer?

Are you a Moray based Designer?

Over the last year I have been fortunate enough to find some kindred spirits in and around the Moray area, this is something I have always been keen to do but it’s never easy when your office is your home. I think it’s a great idea to connect with local freelancers to see what others are doing, and as a great opportunity to meet up with people in a similar situation, with the same interests. It’s always been a goal of mine to try and arrange regular meet-ups, sharing a coffee and a chat and talking through issues and ideas with others who can help, advise or better still collaborate! It appears that Moray holds a few web developers with a similar outlook, however we are short on the Graphic and Web Designer front – anybody out there?

Why are we on the lookout?

As mentioned above, I see great value in putting people together in a friendly, relaxed environment that allows solo workers to not only maintain some element of sanity, but also to bounce issues or problems off others, map out ideas, or even to use as a select and honest group of qualified beta testers for a latest website or app. However the greatest opportunity that this can bring in my opinion, is that of a wider skill set to take on larger or more complex projects on a one-by-one basis without having the complication of additional overheads and regular staff. This obviously benefits both parties as there are potentially two or more of you out there finding exciting new clients and projects, as well as the client having a more skilled Design and Development team; especially if they too are local and keen to have some element of real contact with the team members.

So far I have made connections with one or two local web developers mainly close by around Lossiemouth and Hopeman. Luckily they share my desire to try and find a couple of local web graphic designers to join in with our meetups, mainly revolving around coffee, cake and a relaxed light hearted chat. The idea being that you could potentially find a small number of locally based experienced Web Developers capable of assisting you with any development work that may be outwith your comfort zone or skill set – and vice versa for us. Having access to a choice of moray based Web Designers would definately allow Winking Frog Studios to take on a greater amount of work, and would ultimately help us provide more unique and professionally designed end products for our new and existing clients.

Why local?

This one is really quite simple, if not a little surprising to some who work within the Web Design and Development industry. Yes, I know there are a multitude of apps and SaaS sites out there that make it easy for remote teams to communicate, collaborate and succesfully take on and complete client work to a high professional standard. However I’m the kind of person that still enjoys actually meeting people in the real world, as well as using these apps. I’m also a coffee lover, and passionate about web development, design and all things Apple or tech related. The ability to sit down together in person with (or at least make a quick telephone call to) all the members of a small team, who are working in the same area and more importantly timezone, surely can’t be ignored?

Who are we looking for?

Basically I am on the lookout for someone who is already up and running as a freelance graphic designer or web designer, with a focus and some good experience on live web projects. It’s seems almost patronising to say this, given that it is designers we are looking for, but you must also be passionate about what you do, and familiar with the trends and movements within the Web Design industry and web community in general.

What would be even better is if you too agree with all of the opinions I have shared at the start of this post! I have tried approaching Moray based graphic designers directly before, but it’s just too easy to come across as a spammer trying to sell a website I think! That’s why I thought I would put a public invitation out there, and hope that spreading the word might find those with a similar outlook. It’s important to note that this isn’t in anyway a job interview or vacany of any sort, it’s just a call for those who are involved in Graphic and Web Design that would like to meet other designers and developers, with the the potential of working together with them in the future.

Where are we looking?

Anywhere in Moray as rough guide! At the moment as I mentioned above there a couple of us who are predominately Web Developers who have started to meet occassionaly. We are based in Lossiemouth and Hopeman, which obviously keeps things nice and simple as far as arrangements and venues are concerned, but don’t go all quiet if your a little further away!

No matter whether you live or work in Elgin, Lossiemouth, Hopeman, Forres, Rothes, Fochabers or even a bit further out in Nairn, Keith or Huntly drop me a line!

You can either get in touch through the contact page here on the website, or find me on Twitter or our Facebook page. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who thinks this could possibly work for them, even if it’s just the occassional chance to take a break from sitting working on your own for a couple of hours!

Any talented friendly moray based web designers out there?


Gordon Naldrett
Gordon is a web developer based in Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland. The frontman of Winking Frog Studios he has been working with all things web design since the mid 1990's so has followed the internet's development from it's very early days. Experienced with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and multiple publishing platforms he now works almost exclusively with WordPress.
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