Freshen up your website this Spring!

Winking Frog Studios - Spring Time
Freshen up your website this Spring!

It’s all too easy to lose focus on your website as time goes on, believe it or not, this even applies when you design and develop websites as your main business! Spring is now upon us, so what better time to think about showing that website of your some seasonal love? Many of us have a good Spring clean of our house, a tidy out of that spider filled shed or feel satisfied with preparing the garden for the Summer ahead. Your website, and what it does for your business or organisation is equally as important. It doesn’t even have to be a major overhaul or full redesign, simply planning some new content to add to your blog or adding some new images can go a long way.

How can we help?

If your not sure how best to approach things, or are keen to discover some ideas for how better to manage your site we are always happy to talk things through. Better still, if your based in or around Moray I can come to visit you at your workplace as long as there is a coffee on offer! The idea is to take a look at your current website together, taking on the role of your target website visitor and run through a basic site review. Depending on the size of your website and the type of visitor you are trying to attract, this doesn’t have to be a particularly lengthy process. It is however a great step toward identifying areas of the website itself or the content being served that could be improved upon, changed or updated.

Following the basic website review we will talk through some of the options that may be available to you, and leave them with you to consider with your Employees, Colleagues or Bosses as you see fit.

More than just ideas

I wouldn’t be in this game if I didn’t like designing, developing and tinkering with websites! I also understand that your ultimate priority is the daily running of your business, which is the main reason most websites start gathering dust in the first place. Let me lighten the load by offering more than just ideas!

Whether you would benefit from assistance with adding new blog posts (including idea gathering for posts to create and share), adding new pages, updating existing pages with fresh text or images, or going the whole hog and redesigning the website, that’s what Winking Frog Studios are here for! For those of you with websites already running on WordPress I can also offer some basic training to help you get up to speed should that be one of the things holding you back.

It’s doesn’t have to cost the Earth!

I have always been keen to offer a good professional service to local companies and organisations whilst keeping the costs within the realms of reality. This is the main reason that Winking Frog Studios is still a home based business. I continue to keep my overheads to minimum so that you don’t have to pay them! You can be assured that you are dealing with a professional web developer that keeps up to date on Web and Search techniques and technologies, who is constantly training to enhance the skills I have to offer. My hourly rate for ad-hoc work is very competitive, and by using the techniques for website development you will find detailed here on the site, we can offer a comprehensive package at a very sensible price.

I’m pretty sure you would be pleasantly surprised with the results that any of the above might offer, and we will track your website Analytics to demonstrate the effectiveness over time. So if you have a spare cup, some decent coffee and a little time to spare why not give me a call and arrange a basic website review. There is no commitment and at least you will get an idea of what we could put together for you and how affordable it could be?

Gordon Naldrett
Gordon is a web developer based in Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland. The frontman of Winking Frog Studios he has been working with all things web design since the mid 1990's so has followed the internet's development from it's very early days. Experienced with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and multiple publishing platforms he now works almost exclusively with WordPress.
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