Here comes 2016!

Winking Frog Studios - Here Comes 2016
Here comes 2016!

It’s been quite quiet here in the blog for a little while now so I thought it was about time I broke the silence, and what better way to do that than wishing all my clients (past and present), associates, fellow developers and website visitors a very Happy New Year and a prosperous 2016! I think we all like to look at this time of year as an opportunity to pull in some fresh motivation and work toward achieving some of the goals and challenges that we maybe never quite hit in the previous year. By means of some inspiration to others I thought I might share my visions for my Studio in the year ahead.

Wrapping up 2015

So, last year was a strange one here at Winking Frog Studios. Things were in fact quite busy for the majority of the year however there haven’t been that many projects that can be added to the ‘Our Work’ section of the website as yet. On the client side I was fortunate enough to work with some new and some existing clients on both brand new website designs as well as a re-design or two, I’ll be putting some time asside to update the ‘Our Work’ really soon to show some of the fruits of this work. Internally I have been working on a somewhat larger project (more below in this one!) as well as a couple of WordPress Plugins that should be hitting the shelves in the very near future. All in all 2015 was an enjoyable year on the web front, even if there is not as much to pop in the portfolio right now as I maybe would have liked.

2016 hits the ground running…

The result of last years efforts means that we are busy from the word go this year! And the beauty of this time of year is that the motivation and enthusiasm are at super high levels, a feeling that I can only hope is shared by all reading this. This year is deliberatley going to be a very challenging and hopefully somewhat rewarding one, with the visions and goals I have laid out for 2016 being a step further than I have ever gone before.

Client Side

Initially I will be continuing to work on what has now become one of the largest website design and development projects for Winking Frog Studios to date, The Filling Station Trust website. Launched late in 2015 this is an ongoing WordPress based project with some quite advanced and custom website features, and structured plans looking forward. The site was required to have, and now has over 80 active site administrators looking after the content, which is no small feat I tell you! The team of directors at The Filling Station have been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I look forward to further developing the site and our working relationship in 2016. In addition to that, a couple of existing clients have recently been in touch regarding  New Year website updates and re-design work, as well as some work towards growing SEO strategies which I am looking forward to getting stuck into in the first couple of months of the year.

Time for a shameless plug… As always I am more than happy to discuss any ideas or plans you yourself may have for a new website, or a redesign of an existing website that you have or need some ideas for. Winking Frog Studios continue to strive toward becoming your first choice for web design in Moray, so please get in touch if you would like to find out how working together with us could improve the performance of your small business website. You can find more about our web design and development services here on the website.

Our Own Projects

And this is where things get really busy, and very exciting! If you’ve been on the website before, or if you follow us on Twitter you may have seen mention of UUP Market. UUP Market is a long term internal project that could shape the future of Winking Frog Studios in a very big way. The schedule has taken a hit due to the volume of client work that came in at the tail end of 2015, but the planning is going well and development has already begun. I have every intention of getting the site launched in beta form in the next couple of months, and marketed and developed further in the second quarter of year. You can find out more about UUP Market by reading the blog post from last year Introducing UUP Market, although you will have to take the launch date plan with a pinch of salt, you just can’t launch something like this half baked, so I won’t! The UUP Market blog will be up and running before too long so more information will appear on there in due course.

Other internal projects include a great Store Finder plugin for WordPress, which is nearing completion. This came about after purchasing and integrating two different existing premium plugins on a client’s website and meeting some hurdles along the way. I figured I would use this as an opportunity to finally take on some structured learning on my JavaScript skills and set to work on building a more flexible and friendly plugin that could (and will) be distributed as a premium plugin itself. The aim is to use more of the advanced features currently available in the Google Maps JavaScript API to improve upon other existing products in the Plugin marketplace. Look out for updates on this product here in the blog.

Can I inspire you?

So that’s where we stand here in the Studio right now, there are as always a few other resolutions and goals that go with the New Year buzz including more regular posts in the blog. It’s one of the areas where if I’m being totally honest with myself I should really practice what I preach! It’s well known to be one of the great ways to keep fresh content appearing on your website, which doesn’t go unoticed by your followers and visitors, and equally if not more importantly by the search engines. I know it’s sometimes tricky to come up with ideas for what to post, especially if the whole concept of blogging is new to you, but the time it takes to put a couple of posts together could well improve the efficiency of your site and hence bring new faces to the door. I plan to kill two birds with one stone soon by running a small series of posts on blogging for Small Businesses in the near future.

So, get to it and post something on your slightly neglected blog today, just like I have. Why not share your business goals for 2016, or build a promotion that your website visitors and social media followers can take advantage of? If you manage to get something written and online drop me a link in the comments below for us all to read and see if we can share and spread some inspiration with others!

Happy New Year, I wish you every success in 2016!

Gordon Naldrett
Gordon is a web developer based in Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland. The frontman of Winking Frog Studios he has been working with all things web design since the mid 1990's so has followed the internet's development from it's very early days. Experienced with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and multiple publishing platforms he now works almost exclusively with WordPress.
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