Introducing UUPMarket!

Introducing UUPMarket!

I am very excited to announce an ambitious new project from Winking Frog Studios heading for a launch later in 2015! Having been involved in the WordPress community for some time now, and regular users of premium themes and plugins for the platform, we are amazed at the limited number of marketplaces that sell properly coded and well supported resources. In all honesty there really is only one professional marketplace that we rate (and many of you do too I’m sure) so we thought it was about time to introduce an alternative…. Introducing UUP Market!

So what is UUPMarket?

UUP Market is an online marketplace providing WordPress theme authors a common selling place for their Premium WordPress Themes (and shortly after launch, Plugins too!). The name comes from a bit of a play on letters rather than words. With the marketplace being exclusively for WordPress resources we were keen to use the well known abbreviation ‘WP’ somewhere in the name if possible. That very quickly turned out to be a rather tall challenge, as I am sure you can imagine. So, thinking slightly outside the box, I came up with the idea of using a Double-U instead of a W ( get it? 🙂 ) changing WP into UUP. This in my mind also pulls in the Premium grade of the resources being sold, as an alternative to the phrase ‘Up Market’. It’s a double meaning and twist on a recognised product abbreviation.

Why? And How Is It Different?

Good questions!

The reason I have pushed ahead with UUP Market comes from my desire to not just build and develop websites for other people, but also to have the pleasure of operating an e-commerce style website as part of what we do at Winking Frog Studios. This also means that I can put to use my WordPress skills and knowledge to assist other designers/developers and smaller web shops who, like us, make use of Premium WordPress themes as part of their day-to-day work. There are also plans in place to set it apart from it’s main competitor during the first 12 months that will really add some great value and features for developers of specifically WordPress Themes!

Initially the site will not be that different from it’s main competitor (I wonder who that could be?), especially while we are getting things up running to begin with. From a buyers perspective the prices will be very similar to those found on sites such as ThemeForest (oh right, that’s who! 😉 ), and the experience of searching, browsing, purchasing and downloading will be very similar too. Once the additional features have been opened up for Theme Authors, things will get a bit more interesting and more useful for buyers too.

Theme Authors will also initially have a similar experience to that at our competitors websites. There will be slight differences in the buyers fee structure, that will probably be slightly more in favour of the Author, but not a massive difference to begin with. There will be a theme approval process, and many of the profile and promotional tools that you have come to expect. The main difference with UUP Market is the fact that it will be 100% exclusively WordPress. This means that all our visitors will be looking for and providing for the same platform! With some of the additional WordPress beneficial features planned for the first 12 months making it an even better marketplace for authors and buyers alike, you should stick around and find out what these are and what they will add to the experience!

When is this all happening?

The site is in development right now. We have identified how we are putting everything together and are making some final design decisions right now. We are also running through the theme approval process to make sure we can offer a prompt and reliable approval process for our Authors, as well as ensuring our buyers are receiving well crafted, professional resources. The initial launch date for UUP Market is currently sitting around mid November 2015, but this is dependent on a number of factors that could see the actual date slip left or right in the coming weeks.

Are you a Theme Author?

We will need you soon! A site like this cannot exist without Authors like you! We will be looking for an initial group of theme authors to provide 1 or 2 themes each to get the ball rolling and give buyers something to browse and purchase (the actual number keeps changing right now, but will be announced soon). These authors will be well rewarded for their willingness to join and try out a brand new alternative to our very well established competitor, and will gain some exclusive benefits and recognition within the site itself. If you would like to find out more you can signup to the newsletter by visiting the UUP Market webpage, or follow UUP Market on Twitter and/or Facebook to be kept in the loop and be the first to hear as things progress. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have about UUP Market on any of these social media sites.

Gordon Naldrett
Gordon is a web developer based in Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland. The frontman of Winking Frog Studios he has been working with all things web design since the mid 1990's so has followed the internet's development from it's very early days. Experienced with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and multiple publishing platforms he now works almost exclusively with WordPress.
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