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Web Design

We’ve adopted a brand new approach to building professional, affordable and effective websites on proven, reliable platforms and quicker than ever before!

Wordpress Themes

Using our own custom built framework, we are now developing premium WordPress themes available to fellow developers and website owners alike.

Wordpress Plugins

Whilst building our WordPress framework we developed a number of plugins. Some have now been released as premium or free plugins.

Looking for a Web Designer in Moray? Look no further!

Winking Frog Studios is a small home based web design & development studio in Lossiemouth, Moray (UK). They provide a number of client services including website design, web development, domain names, web hosting and ongoing support, guidance and advice for making the most of your business online.

In addition to their client work they also produce a range of free and premium WordPress plugins, and a collection of premium WordPress themes built on their own custom developed WordPress framework.